About Us

Intelligent Therapy Staffing, Inc. 

is a therapy staffing company based in Nashville, TN since 2001.  Intelligent Therapy Staffing, Inc. has provided physical, occupational, and speech-language pathologists in Tennessee in hospitals and nursing homes for 19 years.  They provide excellence in patient care and treat all individuals as they would want to be treated.  They provide rehabilitative services to approximately 450 patients per day within their company.  They are known for their superior customer service and commitment to integrity. 


Bruce P Burgess, CEO and owner of SpeechPath Outpatient Clinics & Intelligent Therapy, Care Coordinator, and Co-owner of HeartfeltPath Caregiver Services – Bruce serves as CEO and co-owner of Intelligent Therapy Staffing, Inc. As a professional facilitator for Integrity Solutions, Bruce is uniquely qualified to interview your family and develop a plan based on your needs. Bruce served as a Naval officer and is a veteran of Operation Desert Storm, so he is familiar with veterans and their issues. Having aging parents living at home personally, Bruce has a passion for assisting families during their transitional period.

Robin Burgess, M.S., CCC-SLP, 

A Speech-Language Pathologist and and long time advocate and practitioner in geriatrics

founded Intelligent Therapy Staffing, Inc. in 2001 in Nashville, TN.  The company was started because Robin wanted to provide clinicians with flexibility, experience in a variety of settings, and improve their clinical skills.  She also wanted to help provide customers quality staffing for their individual needs whether it was long term or short term in nature.  

Robin stated, “Our goal is to seamlessly integrate into the facilities we serve and provide excellent outcomes for our patients.”

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What our Therapists say about Us


“Intelligent Therapy gives me the flexibility to have new experiences.”

“I feel that the company’s open communication helps me get information I need.”

"As a new graduate, Intelligent Therapy gave me the resources I needed to grow."

“I get the training that I need to be my best.”

"Intelligent Therapy cares about me as both an employee and a person."

“Intelligent Therapy treats its employees, clients, and patients with a high degree of integrity.”

What our Customers Say about Us


"Your therapists fit in well with my staff" - Rehab Director

"Your therapist builds excellent rapport with all of our residents and is a great clinician" -Administrator & Rehab Manager, Knoxville

"Intelligent Therapy is timely to requests for services" - Rehab Director

"Intelligent Therapy is easier to use than my PRN lists" - Rehab Manager

"We want your therapist back every time - she helps so much with our patients' families and kept them all happy. I really like the way she runs the speech therapy program." -Rehab Manager and Executive Director

"Your therapist has really helped to turn our program around." -Rehab Manager